Geoff Baker

Video Producer and Director

Geoff is a detail-oriented film and video professional with more than 25 years of experience as a director, assistant director, and field producer for film, television, and corporate productions. As a director with an eye for the story and a producer with his hand on the budget, Geoff has worked on large and small productions — locally and internationally.

In addition to producing, directing, and developing projects for film and television, Geoff has created a variety of corporate videos for private industry and social service agencies. His broadcast credits include producing and directing the "Road to Adventure" travel television series for the CBC, working as associate producer for "Voyage of the Oriole" film for CTV/ATV, and directing multiple "Creative Native" episodes for APTN.

Geoff is the agency's video producer and director, and in his more than 10 years with Aragona, he has worked with his video crew and editing team to deliver a variety of productions for clients.

Geoff holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Film Studies and History and a Certificate of Television Production from Carleton University.

Interests, Likes, & Passions

Traveling (95%)
Debating Movies With Joe (90%)
Gift Baskets That Contain Crown Royale (80%)
The Movie Oldboy (7%)

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