Brynn Deamer

Quality Assurance and
Project Support

Brynn has a passion for words, visual communication, and the powerful stories they can tell on their own, or together — if assembled in an effective and meaningful way.

Beyond her work in the marketing industry, Brynn owns and operates a successful business, promoting her handmade resin and polymer clay jewelry and home décor.

Brynn is the agency’s quality-assurance expert. She proofreads, edits, and reviews all material before it is finalized, sent to a client, or sent to production. She also supports the writing team by producing blogs, other written materials, and transcriptions of meetings and interviews.

Brynn graduated from Nipissing University with an Honors Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a minor in French Studies. She is working towards becoming a Certified Professional Editor (CPE) with Editors Canada.

Interests, Likes, & Passions

Being Artsy (Painting, Drawing, Reading, Crafting) (95%)
Travel & Nature (99%)
Big Dogs & All-Sized Elephants (100%)
Cilantro (5%)

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