Alex Aragona

Program Manager and Strategist

Alex is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for marketing management and implementation, creative direction, and marketing strategy.

Before partnering with Joe to grow Aragona Agency, Alex gained experience in a variety of other marketing positions, including coordinating projects and providing writing support at an agency, working as a marketing coordinator for a local interior design firm, and co-founding a small profitable startup. He also hosts and produces an economics, politics, and philosophy podcast and is a published essayist.

Alex is a program manager and strategist at Aragona. He oversees client projects from start through to execution and completion, develops marketing strategies, and works with the team to execute marketing programs for the agency and its clients.

Alex received an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration from Nipissing University, majoring in Marketing.

Interests, Likes, & Passions

Toyotas (91%)
Fancying Himself a Barista (75%)
Wondering Why He Got Such a Big Dog (100%)
Marvel Comics Movies (7%)

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